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Butt Lift

A Perkier and Youthful Backside

image25A flat, saggy or unshapely buttocks can make it difficult to wear flattering clothes or feel confident in a swimsuit. Butt lift surgery can improve the shape, position and appearance of the buttocks, while drastically enhancing your overall shape and body contours. At my Sacramento practice, I can help you if you are self-conscious about your buttock shape or size. I tailor my approach to your needs and goals. I will listen to what you want and more importantly I will explain what the options and risks are. To be honest, there are some providers out there taking more risks than I feel one should. Safety is my first priority! An individualized approach based on your anatomy and wishes for a butt lift can help us plan together to achieve the specific shape and curves that you desire.

Are You a Candidate for Butt Lift?

You may be a good candidate for butt lift if you have excess, sagging skin in the gluteal area due to weight loss, genetics, pregnancy and the normal aging process.

In addition, you must be in good overall health, not smoke and have a healthy and stable weight. You should also understand that if you want to maintain your results you should properly manage your weight. Future weight gain or loss can affect the skin’s elasticity and negatively affect your results. If you’re thinking about a butt lift, come to the office so we can discuss all options for your butt lift and answer all your questions.

How Butt Lift Is Performed

Butt lift is performed using general anesthesia to ensure your full comfort during surgery. The specific incision technique I use depends on several factors, including the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed and whether excess fat is present. One technique involves creating an incision just below the waistline. This technique is typically used when lower body lift or tummy tuck is also being performed.

Another technique uses an incision made below the buttocks, placed in the crease between the buttocks and the upper thigh. Through this incision, I remove excess skin and tissues, and carefully sculpt the remaining tissues to create a more attractive buttock contour. If excess fat is present, I will remove it with liposuction. Once the loose skin is trimmed away and the underlying tissues are pulled tight, I will re-drape the skin taut, essentially “lifting” the butt cheeks upward. Once I am done making the agreed-upon modifications, I will close the incisions using sutures.

image2Recovering from Butt Lift

The initial recovery period for butt lift takes approximately two weeks. It is normal to experience swelling, soreness and bruising during the first few weeks after surgery. This should subside over time. It is important to avoid sitting (you will need a soft toilet seat and should try to sit very gently) or sleeping directly on your buttocks for at least two weeks after surgery. You should be able to return to your normal routine within six weeks.

As with any surgical procedure, there will be some scarring with butt lift surgery. I make every effort to minimize scarring by placing the incisions in strategic areas where they will be hidden by skin creases or clothing. Post-surgery care is very important for scar healing. Wearing your compression garment is also necessary to help your buttocks heal quickly and properly.

I am happy to discuss any questions you have, so that you feel equipped to make informed decisions in regards to your butt enhancement and body contouring goals. Please feel free to contact my Sacramento practice by calling or emailing my office.

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