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Forehead Lift

Elevate a Sagging or Furrowed Brow

male-faceFor many people, the forehead and brow are the first facial areas to reveal signs of aging. It’s normal for the skin on the brow to lose its elastic quality; deep, horizontal creases to form; and the tissues on the forehead to descend downward. All of these factors often result in a bothered, unpleasant and aged appearance.

Forehead lift is a facial plastic surgery procedure that I recommend to many of my Sacramento patients who are bothered by a heavy or sagging brow. Today’s surgical techniques are very advanced and I am able to rejuvenate the forehead in a way that appears very natural and attractive.

Am I a Candidate for Forehead Lift?

Forehead lift is designed to treat noticeable vertical creases or lines between the eyebrows, as well as substantial sagging skin and tissue on the brow, which can sometimes hood the eyelids.

The best way to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for forehead lift is to schedule an in-office consultation with me. Generally speaking, you may be an ideal candidate if you are in good general health, do not smoke and are free of health conditions that can impair the healing process.

What Happens During Forehead Lift?

There are several different approaches to forehead lift. The approach I select for your procedure will depend on the position of your brow and forehead, your needs and the results you seek.

Traditionally, forehead lift is performed using one long incision that runs along the inside of the hairline, extending from ear to ear. This approach, called the coronal incision approach, is recommended for individuals with very high foreheads. The brow is lifted and repositioned without altering the height of the front hairline.

A second option is called the endoscopic approach. Many patients prefer this approach because it is less invasive and avoids a long and extensive scar like in coronal forehead lift. With the endoscopic approach, I create a series of small incisions slightly above the hairline. I insert several small surgical instruments through the incisions, including an endoscope. This instrument is a thin, long surgical device with a camera positioned at the end of it. The camera allows me to see the inner structures of the brow as I make modifications to the tissue and skin. Not only does the endoscopic approach result in smaller, less visible scars, but recovery is faster and easier.

Combining Forehead Lift with Other Procedures


Depending on your desired goal, I may recommend combining brow lift with one or several other facial rejuvenation procedures. For example, brow lift can be combined with eyelid surgery to address puffy tissue and saggy or droopy eyelid skin. It can also be combined with facelift surgery to simultaneously address the upper, middle and lower regions of the face. I can discuss all of your options in detail with you during an in-office consultation.

If you would like to discuss your rejuvenation needs and goals in detail, don’t hesitate to contact my Sacramento practice and schedule an appointment.

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